Product Evolution Strategy

The Wearable Coach consists of three main components: a motion capture system, the Coaching Script Editor, and Coaching Script Playback Software. Our initial product is limited to baseball training. A ProMotion Coaching Script is created by experts and ships with our product. Our current Coaching Script Editor is tailored towards experts. In the near future we will make the ProMotion Coaching Script Editor more generalized and release it to the public so that anyone can make an annotated Coaching Script File.

Our motion capture system consists of strategically placed sensors connected to our specialized controller that in turn communicates with a trainee’s portable computing device (e.g., cellphone or tablet). Our controller will continue to be simplified and may eventually disappear altogether being replaced by distributed processing among the streams of sensors placed up and down the human body. Presentation and human interaction will always be through commercially available devices such as cellphones, tablets and laptops. Besides our highly cost effective marker, the key to low cost is usage of cellphones as a minimal human interface.

Following baseball, our product will evolve to cover more and more complex motions until it reaches that of being totally universal. Examples include any form of athletic training as well as rehabilitation. This is the point that young people can effortlessly record such things as dance steps for sell and distribution on ProMotion’s iMotion Site.

Invest in Wearable Coach

Imagine millions upon millions of motion files being produced and sold throughout the world.

Imagine them being placed on embedded chips within sports trading cards and other paraphernalia such as a sports T-shirt and hats. How much would you have paid to be able to feel the motion of "Babe" Ruth’s explosive bat swing? The possibilities for variations and revenue are endless and that opportunity is here today.


"I've seen the Wearable Coach and know that it will reduce arm injuries in young baseball and softball players."

Bob Noel, High School Coach, Chandler, Arizona; 14 years, NCAA Pitching Coach 20 years.


"A young player will develop excellent mechanics by using the Wearable Coach."

Ed Norton, Two decades experience coaching youth baseball

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Coach Gary Pullins demonstrates a prototype of the Wearable Coach.