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Reduce Injury Risk for Young Pitchers

May 10, 2014

“With the rise in elbow and shoulder injuries in youth baseball pitchers, the adult community needs to take steps to prevent these injuries. Research points to overuse as the principle risk factor. Poor pitching mechanics also contribute to injury risk. Another suggested risk factor is poor physical fitness.”

American Sports Medical Institute (ASMI) released a statement in April 2013 sharing some recommendations for preventing these injuries. This statement can be foundĀ here (ASMI Website). Several of the guidelines found in this statement include:

  • “If a youth pitcher complains of fatigue or looks fatigued, let him rest from pitching and other throwing.”
  • “No overhead throwing of any kind for at least 2-3 months per year “
  • “Do not pitch more than 100 innings in games in any calendar year”
  • “If a pitcher complains of pain in his elbow or shoulder, discontinue pitching until evaluated by a sports medicine physician.”

Our mission with the Wearable Coach product is to educate young pitchers on the proper mechanics of pitching a baseball. We are invested in the research and development of a low-cost hardware and software solution that will teach technique and promote physical activity. As a result of this effort, we hope to reduce injury risk to our youth.

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To see the full ASMI position statement, read it here on the ASMI website.