Wearable Coach Packages

Just 5 Easy Steps

Using the Wearable Coach is simple and straightforward. The app you load on a mobile device walks you through it step by step.


Step 1 - Put on the Wearable Coach

The Wearable Coach consists of tight fitting clothing containing sensors that you slip on like a T-shirt. Our first deliverable product is a designed to teach proper techniques for throwing a baseball. The sensors set in strategic locations along the throwing arm. Put on the Wearable Coach with the sleeve over your throwing arm.


Step 2 - Turn on the belt controller

The belt controller has 2 buttons, an on/off switch and 1 LED light indicator. Turn on the controller by pressing toggling the on/off switch. When the controller is turned on the LED light indicator will glow red. The sensors in the Wearable Coach will glow green when the controller is on.


Step 3 - Connect your cellphone or tablet

The app that you load on your mobile device will walk you through connecting the device to the Wearable Coach. When you are connected by bluetooth the LED on the controller will glow blue.


Step 4 - Calibrate as instructed

Calibration is required to adjust the Wearable Coach to your body shape The mobile device app walks you through this simple set of motions.


Step 5 - Start Learning

The wearable Coach comes with a coaching script for throwing a baseball. Select the script and start learning proper technique for throwing a ball. In the near future a number of different coaching scripts will be available for download.


Benefits of Wearable Coach


Professional Coaching at a Reasonable Price

Imagine the excitement of feeling the motion of a pitch from your favorite major league pitcher or motion of another athlete in any of your chosen sports.

The Wearable Coach provides advanced technology at a price an average family can afford. It is like having a coach in your hip pocket that is always there when you need it to improve your skill level. The Wearable Coach allows you to download professional athletic coaching scripts (motion files) for any sport much like you download music for your mp3 player at a very low price.

Avoid Injury

Immediate feedback on a trainee’s performance before poor techniques lead to injury.

Coaching scripts are created by coaches who have years of experience and formal education in their field. Through the study of biokinetics, optimal motions have been developed that are safe and effective for the human body. All of this is incorporated into the Wearable Coach and are at your fingertips.


Can be used anywhere: inside your home, in your yard, or on the athletic field.

The Wearable Coach works with your existing mobile devices (e.g., cell phone or tablet) so that you can use it anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, at school, or at the park, or even during practice the Wearable Coach is there working to ensure great performance.

Pre-Order Packages

Wearable Coach offers a variety of different package options for pre-purchase that fit any budget. Components of these packages include:

  • PMA Firefiy

    PMA Firefly is the intelligent motion sensor. These sensor packages (also called markers) are placed throughout the garment capturing motion associated with each limb segment.

  • Sleeve

    The sleeve may be placed on your right arm or your left arm as applicable to your throw. Each sleeve contains pockets for the PMA Firefly and cables. Cables are used instead of wireless communication because it is more reliable and to minimize electromagnetic waves your body is exposed to. Full body suit will also be available.

  • Controllers

    The controller is a belt worn device that collects measurements from all markers (PMA Firefly) and forwards them onto your mobile device that is running the Wearable Coach Master Software for comparison with the Coaching Script or to a PC/Tablet for creation of a Coaching Script.

  • Script Editor

    Captures Motion and allows editing and/or annotation for creation of a coaching script which is played back on any device running the Coaching Master Software.

  • Coach Master Software

    Captures your motion and compares it to the Coaching Script. You can visually view how your motion compares to the correct motion and the software also provides voice corrections if desired.