Our mission is to make professional-grade training available to young athletes at a price a family can afford.

Such early training in correct technique will not only help our young athletes compete at higher levels, but also prevent sports-related injuries that result from incorrect techniques.

To meet this objective, we have developed the “Wearable Coach” which marries low cost sensor and computation technology with sophisticated software running on mobile devices readily available to our customer base. Our initial focus is on the baseball pitch but we will continue on to all motion training activities.

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History of Wearable Coach

Research started formally on this product with the formation of Pro-Motion Action, LLC (PMA) September 23, 2008 by Gary Pullins, Kyle Love, Kirk Love, and Dan Gale. Since then we have developed several limited prototypes as we worked to perfect underlying hardware and, more importantly, the mathematics that relate physically separate motion sensors to an overall logical model of a human body.

As we have moved from one prototype to another we have been able to incorporate what we have learned into our product as well as taking advantages of evolving sensor and microprocessor technology. Today our sensor components (called Markers) deliver more performance per dollar than any other product on the market. Our Markers currently incorporate the next generation of sensors that will shortly be placed into cellphones, videogame controllers, and low cost robots.

Wearable Coach Founders


Dan Gale

Electrical Engineer, University Adjunct Faculty Member.

At Utah Valley University, Dan teaches various computer related classes including robotics. Prior to this, he worked for 28 years in hardware engineering for companies such as Novell, NACT, WICAT Systems and Billings. Dan is responsible for the very first PC network cards as well as low-cost long distance telephone call resale equipment.


Kirk Love

Professional Software Developer, University Computer Science Faculty Member.

Kirk Love is an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at Utah Valley University (UVU). At the university he has worked for over five years with motion capture devices. Prior to UVU, he worked in software development for 26 years in large well established companies as well as small start-ups. Employers included Utah Valley University, Novell, EG&G, Bell Labs, and the LDS Church.


Kyle Love

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

Kyle Love is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience starting and managing high tech companies. Kyle has led companies from startup to harvest. He is a co-founder of The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum and the Utah Angels.


Gary Pullins

College Coach, Baseball Trainer, Motion Analyst

Gary Pullins built the BYU baseball team into a powerhouse throughout his coaching career. As the seventh head baseball coach at BYU, Pullins ranked 16th among active NCAA Division I baseball coaches with 913 wins upon retirement.